“Coming from a sheltered, unexposed environment, meeting with people
with diverse backgrounds really helped me shed numerous misconceptions.
I think that when we approach the unknown, our instincts are to look for classifications.
However, meeting exceptions and having numerous encounters really help shedding the initial prejudice.”

—Laurain Park, Humanistic Studies and Interactive Arts ’20

Recently, there is the overlapping social turmoil of Black protests against racist policing and a pandemic that has led to anti-Asian xenophobia. These events have highlighted racial inequality.

As a result, anti-Racist action is an urgent need. If we are not ready yet or don’t know how to begin, consider starting with an understanding about current events including Black Lives Matter protests, demands for defunding the police, and the an increase in Anti-Asian hate crimes. There are some good articles about how the language of disease has produced hate and violence4 and how racist policing5 has led to activism and protests. Having more information helps us contextualize the conversation and gives us a broader perspective.