Racism Defined

This guide was completed as a collaboration between various MICA departments and community members. Generous support from the Community of Care, led by Dr. Sheri Parks and Dr. Judith Kinney, made the project possible.

Content development by Professor Elizabeth Wagenheim and Hsiao-Chu Hsia, MFACA 20 with support and review by Dr. Mel Lewis. Graphic Design by Heerim Shin 22 and Professor Brockett Horne, Image curation by Akia Jones 21. Special thanks to the editorial team of Hsiao-Chu Hsia, Akia Jones, and Heerim Shin for their contributions to every aspect of the project. 

Images were provided by Aoran Ma Divya Nayar Grace Kwon Hannah Ahn James Balo Lauren Jackson Lia Latty Maddie Abuyuan Monica Ikegwu Samantha Vassor Xena Brar Zuli Segura Additional insights and quotes were provided by Laurain Park Miri Kim Yun Jun.