“We are all just the same human beings who are struggling.
Keep your minds open, eyes open, ears open, and your voices heard.”

— Yun Jun, Graphic Design ’20

This guide is just a starting point for people who are seeking a direction for a much longer exploration. Some of us come to the conversations with a lifetime of experiencing racism, while for others of us are considering our own racial identity for the first time. As graduate students, undergrads, international, and domestic students, we all add to MICA’s community and contribute to the conversation. The diversity of the community can be our strength and source of creativity.

Race is a sensitive, intense and difficult topic that people are still working on today. We all have our own starting points and have our own perspectives. Living in this diverse and complex society, it takes time to learn how to live with others, to understand each other, and to treat each other with respect. And as we mentioned in the previous section, face it, talk about it, and be familiar with it through brave and open discussions with others.